As incredible as the past few years were and as rewarding as my experiences have been, 2018 will be the start of something even more exciting. I am beyond thrilled to announce that I am joining Headspace Studio as the Head of Audio for their new Los Angeles operations. This news marks the first expansion for Montreal-based Headspace Studio and I am excited to be joining Jean-Pascal Beaudoin (co-founder of Headspace) in this new adventure.

It’s an exhilarating time in the entertainment industry and a critical juncture for VR. Audiences are becoming increasingly sophisticated and expect immersive experiences to feature spatial audio that helps to deliver on the promise of the future of storytelling. Producing high-quality VR content with seamlessly-integrated positional audio has become more essential than ever to drive mainstream adoption of these new mediums. Headspace Studio is, simply put, one of the top providers of sound for immersive entertainment and Jean-Pascal is a pioneer in cinematic VR audio workflow and mixing. He has impeccable taste and an incredible ear with a talent for the subtle; I am thrilled to be joining him and the rest of the Headspace Studio team to lead the charge for the west coast.

I am going to be contributing to some incredibly exciting projects coming up and I’ll be hitting the ground running with Headspace Studio. The first project I’ll be working on that I can announce is Bebylon Battle Royale, the first major VR game from well-respected studio Kite & Lightning, which will be released later this year. I worked with Cory & Ikrima from K&L on Insurgent: Shatter Reality VR and it’s great to be working with them again. The game is insane and hilarious. You’re going to love it.

At the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, where Headspace premiered 2 new groundbreaking VR experiences: Space Explorers: A New Dawn and Isle of Dogs: Behind the Scenes (in Virtual Reality), the buzz around VR was palpable. Everyone was talking about it and New Frontier events were sold out consistently. Exciting times. 

Viktor Phoenix

Update: You can follow Headspace Studio on Twitter or Facebook.