Featured Projects

‘Insurgent VR’ Lead Audio (Kite & Lightning/Lionsgate)
‘Evolve’ Lead Audio (Turtle Rock Studios/2k)
‘Rimini’ Lead Sound Designer (Robotoki)
‘Human Element’ Lead Sound Designer (Robotoki)
‘Mercenaries 2’ Music and Sound Supervisor (Pandemic Studios/EA)
‘The Saboteur’ Music Supervisor (Pandemic Studios/EA)
‘Lord of the Rings: Conquest’ Music and Sound Supervisor (Pandemic Studios/EA)
‘Star Wars Battlefront II” Writer – Battle Chatter (Pandemic Studios/Lucasarts)


Credits for work shown in this reel:
Viktor Phoenix
‘Evolve’ (Turtle Rock Studios) – Lead Audio, Senior Sound Designer, Music Supervision
‘Human Element Online’ (Robotoki) – Lead Audio, Senior Sound Designer
‘Rimini’ (Robotoki) – Lead Audio, Senior Sound Designer
‘The Saboteur’ (Pandemic Studios) – Sound Design/Editing, Music Supervision/Editing
‘Mercenaries 2’ (Pandemic Studios) – Music Supervision, Music Editing, Sound Design, Sound Editing, In-Game Implementation, In-Game Music System Design
‘Lord of the Rings: Conquest’ (Pandemic Studios) – Sound Design/Editing, Music Editing
‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ (Pandemic Studios) – Dialog Editing, Writing
Joseph Holiday
“The Hunter” Music Production
“Shadow” Music Production

Interactive Audio

Project: ‘ADR1FT’
Studio: Three One Zero/505 Games
Role: Mixer, Sound Designer

Implementation, Mixing, Dialogue Cleanup, Additional Sound Design and Editing

Project: ‘Insurgent – Shatter Reality’
Studio: Kite & Lightning/Lionsgate
Role: Lead Audio

Sound Design, Implementation, Mixing, Dialogue Cleanup and Editing

Project: ‘Evolve’
Studio: Turtle Rock Studios/2k Games
Role: Lead Audio

Sound, Music, and Dialog Supervision, Sound Design, Sound Editing, Weapon Sound Supervision, Monster and Creature Sound Design and Supervision, Environment Sound Design and Supervision, User Interface Sound Design and Supervision, Technical Sound and Audio Systems Design, Middleware Authoring, In-Engine Scripting & Implementation, Non-Linear & Linear Mixing


Notable Projects

Sound Samples and References available on request.

Evolve Turtle Rock Studios Viktor Phoenix Lead Audio


As Lead Audio at Turtle Rock, I oversaw all audio creative and technical production on ‘Evolve’ in CryEngine 4, from weapons to music to cinematics.

Insurgent VR Kite & Lightning

Insurgent: Shattered Reality

I worked with Kite & Lightning to design and implement all of the sound for this virtual reality experience within Unreal Engine 4.

Human Element Online Robotoki Viktor Phoenix Audio Lead

Human Element Online

As Senior Sound Designer, I was responsible for designing and implementing all sounds into Unreal Engine 4.

Drop Squad 4 Robotoki Viktor Phoenix Eric Haddad

Drop Squad 4

As sound designer on this project, I worked directly with Creative Lead Eric Haddad (BattleBlock Theater) and Composer Grant Kirkhope (Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Donkey Kong 64).

Rimini Robotoki Viktor Phoenix


I worked with Robotoki to prototype ‘Rimini’. As Senior Sound Designer, I was responsible for designing and implementing all sounds into CryEngine 4.

Mercenaries 2 Pandemic Studios

Mercenaries 2

I was the sole sound designer on Mercenaries 2 from pre-production through much of the early stages of production. I worked closely with the composer and audio programmer to create a dynamic score that was the focus of a GDC talk in 2009.

The Saboteur Pandemic Studios

The Saboteur

I was Sound Supervisor for all marketing materials of The Saboteur, edited sound for several cinematics, and curated the source music that was used throughout this open world game.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Pandemic Studios

Star Wars Battlefront 2

I wrote battle chatter and edited dialog in the one of the highest selling Star War games of all time.