I’m a mindful leader dedicated to sharing best practices for creative & technical audio techniques through mentorship, presenting at industry conferences, publishing articles, and moderating a large online forum.


I strongly believe in the importance of mentorship and sharing my experience with the next generation of talented artists and developers. In turn, I gain valuable insights and a fresh perspective from those who I have worked with. We all have a lot to learn from each other.

I have worked with junior developers and interns throughout my career and am proud of what they have gone on to accomplish in their careers. In addition, I have had the pleasure of several peer mentorships that push me to improve my craft or explore new aspects of interactive development.

Public Speaking

  • UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, Guest Lecturer, 2022
  • Immersive Audio Podcast50th episode special, Guest, 2021
  • UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, Guest Lecturer, 2020
  • GameSoundCon, “Creating the Immersive Sound for the Magical World of Gloomy Eyes”, Presenter, 2019
  • DevLab, Masterclass on Immersive Audio, Presenter, 2018
    • Presented by RYOT, Oculus, and Kaleidoscope, DevLab was a two-day program that brought together 25 top VR/AR artists to incubate new work, explore novel ideas, and create the future of immersive experiences.
  • AES Audio for VR and AR, “The Role of Audio and Multimodal Integration for New Realities”, Panelist, 2018
  • Edinburgh Napier University, Guest Lecturer, 2018
  • Interactive Audio Montreal/Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology, Series #3, Guest Lecturer, 2018
  • Open Documentary Lab, MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology, “Sound, the First Rule of Immersion”, Guest Lecturer, 2018
  • Sonic R/evolutions Symposium at University of Southern California, Presenter, 2017
  • Cal Poly Pomona, Guest Lecturer, 2016
  • Oculus Connect 3, “Bring your 360 Videos to Life with Spatial Audio”, Panelist, 2016
  • AES Audio for VR and AR, “3D Audio Post-Production Workflows for VR”, Presenter, 2016
  • AES Los Angeles, “Implementation & Mixing for VR Games as Both Art & Science”, Panelist, 2016
  • GameSoundCon, “Beyond 360: Advanced Audio Techniques for Virtual Reality”. Presenter, 2016
  • Game Developer Conference, “Dynamic Music in Mercenaries 2”, Presenter, 2009



  • Spatial Audio in VR/AR/MR, Facebook Group with over 11k members, Moderator
  • Field Recording Slack Workspace, Active Member and Regular Participant of Crowdsourced Libraries