Interactive & Spatial Audio Expert for Immersive Media

I’m focused on developing rich experiences to engage audiences in novel ways through seamless integration of audio with dynamic storytelling & interactivity. 

I believe that the combination of high-quality creative content and technical sophistication can create magic.


Over the past 20 years, I have gained extensive experience working with sound for both interactive and linear content at all stages of project development, from collaborating with other developers during pre-production & prototyping phases to planning & developing experiences in a leadership role to coordinating between departments to executing & delivering world-class, award-winning sound for all forms of Immersive Media: Virtual Reality, Games, 360 Videos, TV, and Film.

  • Seasoned Entertainment Veteran with Extensive Experience Across Research & Development, All Phases of Production for Interactive & Linear Media, and Live Operations
  • Passionate about Engaging Communities through Knowledge Sharing, User Research, and Developing with a Diverse Audience In Mind
  • Forward-Thinker with a Passion for Challenging Myself and My Teammates to Strive for More, to Challenge Preconceived Ideas, and to Dream Big about the Future of Development & Production

The combination of interactivity, real-time graphic & audio content, and narrative intent lies at the heart of the most profound experiences today and points the way to the future of entertainment.

The increased use of game engines in virtual production offers us a hint at what the convergence of film and games will look like and why it’s critical that we develop audio technologies now to keep pace with developments in real-time graphics when we’re finally able to “step into the story”.


Curriculum Vitae

Experience and Education

I am Partner/Head of Audio for Headspace Studio‘s Los Angeles facility and Head of Interactive Audio for Felix & Paul Studios, but my passion for creativity & technology began as a child when I modified programs in BASIC on a TRS-80 computer & played the audio back from the tape drive. I moved to hardware samplers & drum machines in high school, eventually working with computer based DAW (digital audio workstations) programs and spinning records on college radio in the ’90s. (more)



While at Technicolor, I was co-inventor on a patent for audio in mixed reality environments. When I joined Headspace Studio in 2018, I founded the Los Angeles facility of Headspace Studio, the first audio outsource company focused on immersive audio for extended realities, where  I have had the privilege of contributing to incredible XR projects like The Infinite – ISS Experience, the largest VR exhibit to date, Madison Beer VR Concert, which used cutting edge virtual production to deliver a virtual concert across multiple mediums during the pandemic, and Gloomy Eyes, an exquisite example of spatial storytelling with voiceover work by Colin Farrell, who I had the pleasure of voice directing. (more)


Memberships and Affiliations

I’m a proud member of Motion Pictures Editor Group as well as the Audio Engineering Society. in 2017, I was honored to be inducted into the Technicolor Fellowship as recognition for my work with spatial and interactive audio. (more)



As Supervising Sound Editor, ADR Supervisor/Voice Director, Audio Director, Sound Designer, Technical Audio Lead, & more,  I have contributed to almost 100 video games, virtual reality experiences, 360 videos, TV episodes, and feature films. (more)


Knowledge Sharing

In addition to guest lectures at schools like MIT & UCLA and presentations at industry conferences, I have contributed an article on real-time spatial audio to a book about audio for extended realities, I am a moderator on a very active Facebook group with over 11k members, and I actively engage with my peers on social media about interactive and spatial audio. (more)



I have had the incredible honor of working on some amazing projects which have won numerous nominations and awards. (more)