Leadership for Interactive & Spatial Audio in Immersive Media and Games

I’m focused on leading teams to develop rich experiences to engage audiences in novel ways through seamless integration of audio with dynamic storytelling & gameplay. 

I believe that the combination of high-quality creative content & technical sophistication can create magic and that growing & leveling up your team to be their best is the key.


Over the past 20 years, I have gained extensive experience managing teams working with sound for both interactive and linear content at all stages of project development, from collaborating with other developers during pre-production & prototyping phases to planning & developing experiences in a leadership role to coordinating between departments to executing & delivering world-class, award-winning sound for all forms of Immersive Media: Virtual Reality, Games, 360 Videos, TV, and Film.

  • Seasoned Entertainment Veteran with Extensive Experience Across Research & Development, All Phases of Production for Interactive & Linear Media, and Live Operations
  • Compassionate Leader Focused on Building Effective Teams That Generate Value while Developing IC Growth and Supporting Mental Well-Being
  • Passionate about Engaging Communities through Knowledge Sharing, User Research, and Developing with a Diverse Audience In Mind
  • Forward-Thinker with a Passion for Challenging Myself and My Team to Strive for More, to Challenge Preconceived Ideas, and to Dream Big about the Future of Developing & Producing Interactive Entertainment


Curriculum Vitae


I am a Sound Designer at Meta. I was previously Partner/Head of Audio for Headspace Studio‘s Los Angeles facility and I led interactive audio development for Felix & Paul Studios, but my passion for creativity & technology began as a child when I modified programs in BASIC on a TRS-80 computer & played the audio back from the tape drive. I moved to hardware samplers & drum machines in high school, eventually working with computer based DAW (digital audio workstations) programs and spinning records on college radio. (more)


As Supervising Sound Editor, ADR Supervisor/Voice Director, Audio Director, Sound Designer, Technical Audio Lead, & more,  I have contributed to almost 100 video games, virtual reality experiences, 360 videos, TV episodes, and feature films. (more)

Awards and Honors

I have had the incredible honor of working on some amazing projects which have won numerous nominations and awards. (more)

Memberships and Affiliations

I’m a proud member of Motion Pictures Editor Group as well as the Audio Engineering Society. in 2017, I was honored to be inducted into the Technicolor Fellowship as recognition for my work with spatial and interactive audio. (more)


While at Technicolor, I was co-inventor on a patent for audio in mixed reality environments. When I joined Headspace Studio in 2018, I founded the Los Angeles facility of Headspace Studio, the first audio outsource company focused on immersive audio for extended realities, where  I have had the privilege of contributing to incredible XR projects like The Infinite – ISS Experience, the largest VR exhibit to date, Madison Beer VR Concert, which used cutting edge virtual production to deliver a virtual concert across multiple mediums during the pandemic, and Gloomy Eyes, an exquisite example of spatial storytelling with voiceover work by Colin Farrell, who I had the pleasure of voice directing. (more)

Knowledge Sharing

In addition to guest lectures at schools like MIT & UCLA and presentations at industry conferences, I have contributed an article on real-time spatial audio to a book about audio for extended realities, I am a moderator on a very active Facebook group with over 11k members, and I actively engage with my peers on social media about interactive and spatial audio. (more)